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Knot Today Detangling Shower Comb

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2 combs per pack -Wide teeth for gentle detangling -Evenly distributes conditioner, hair masks & prewash -Perfect for textured hair

Do you need something to fight frizz and maintain your mane? Do "knot" fear, the Detangling Shower Comb is here! This comb is easy to use: during your regular hair conditioning routine, simply start at the ends of your hair and comb your way up to the roots. The wide-toothed design reduces snagging and makes for a more comfortable combing experience. These combs will leave your hair feeling full and fabulous. These combs come in an assortment of pretty pastels to add a pop of color to your bathroom. You will receive one pack of 2 combs when you order. Keep both for yourself or gift one to your friend!